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The Calm Before the Storm

By: Cynthia, on 20 March 2022

Front cover of The Irregulars! by Cynthia Skye

After all this time, it’s finally here – the book! Sort of.

This is absolutely not the grand opening, but pre-orders for the ebook are available now; the actual release won’t be until June 24, 2022. So if you’re reading this early, you can beat everyone else to the punch and order the ebook for The Irregulars! by Cynthia Skye. At time of writing, only ebooks are possible to purchase, though this will change within the next week. (Due to some, ahem, irregularities of the process, the ebook was the first to pass approval). Which version should you buy?


Hello World!

By: Cynthia, on 20 March 2022




THE SUNDERED MARCHES is a comedic action-drama series for Young Adults, placed in a steampunk wild west. The series follows the Lanvan Revolutionary Aerie's war of independence against the Imperial Duvencht Military.

Perched deep in a canyon rich with magic and minerals, Lanva March is the heart of a mechanical, industrial revolution: manufactories replacing guilds, wingpacks instead of flying mounts, farms run by machines instead of men. It's going to save a lot of time and make a lot of money -- money that could change the life of every Marcher in that dry, dusty land. But it could also save the aristocracy of the Duvencht Empire, a once-great magical hegemon now wracked by corruption, disease, and resurgent rivals.

Between the two nations stands an array of covens, monsters, robber barons, and erstwhile conquerors who have their own shifting allegiances. Only the Heavenly Ministry has any idea how it's all going to play out, and the ministers are a little bit busy dealing with the moon: it's kind of bleeding!

Written by seasoned¹, award-winning² author Cynthia Skye, it currently consists of one novel, various upcoming short stories, and a fully-fledged soundtrack composed by Daniel Wilson.

Our graphic art team consists of WilderSurge who does character concept design, Dainius Obcarskas who does setting and monster design, and elsavic_art who also works on characters. Other artists pop-in from time to time, but these are our main ones.

¹⁾ 3 cloves minced garlic; salt and black pepper to taste.
²⁾ most improved in 9th grade band