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The Calm Before the Storm

By: Cynthia, on 20 March 2022

After all this time, it’s finally here – the book! Sort of.

This is absolutely not the grand opening, but pre-orders for the ebook are available now; the actual release won’t be until June 24, 2022. So if you’re reading this early, you can beat everyone else to the punch and order the ebook for The Irregulars! by Cynthia Skye. At time of writing, only ebooks are possible to purchase, though this will change within the next week. (Due to some, ahem, irregularities of the process, the ebook was the first to pass approval). Which version should you buy?


Well, I make the most money off of the ebook version, followed closely by the hardcover version. I make almost no money off of the paperback, but don’t let that stop you if that’s your preferred. (You can always drop a coin in our patreon, after all.)

Anyway, enjoy the site! EsoDev and I have been working hard on it.