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The Covens of Old

No one knows exactly how long civilization stayed underground. People had destroyed the world, you see; rendered it unfit for inhabitation in a great war that killed even the gods themselves, to say nothing of the majority of humanity. Decades of waiting became centuries became millennia became eons, and daily time became a meaningless concept with no seasons for growing or harvest. Amidst the terrors of the subterranean dark -- patrollum, the crystal dwarves, the shadowlurkers -- humanity dwindled down to mere thousands of people, huddled in tiny caverns. The only thing that prevented extinction were the witches.

Inheritors of some long-forgotten magical tradition, these sisters of the stars shepherded their tribes through the long period of the Calamity. With their magic, people could eat -- for there was little edible in the caverns -- and hide from their enemies. Witches were each tribe's guide to safety, their judge of the peace, and their chieftain in war. Their ways were little-explained to any but their apprentices but oft-successful. When humanity finally resurfaced on the still-healing continent of Alovis, almost two thousand years ago, it was only natural that witches began to shape a flourishing and powerful society.

But even after an apocalypse and untold number of years, one thing remains true about power:

It corrupts.

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