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Sundered Marches' Future

It's been radio-silent for a while here, so past time for an update.

As many of you know, when I began Sundered Marches, I'd already finished a manuscript and the goal was to slowly roll out the story with image support in a light-novel-like fashion. However, despite the wonderful support I received, pay-as-you-go doesn't work well (at least at my income level) to keep up a steady output for other services I wanted to provide; plans like an audiobook and gaming support fell by the wayside because getting the people who are equipped to do these things at the level I want to do them requires upfront work, just as I needed to write the whole story up front to get a story I was satisfied with.

At the same time, a repeated criticism from friends and editors has been that the large cast of the story needed more easing into in a text-based medium. I tried to alleviate this with more pictures, but risked overtaxing both my wallet and WilderSurge's mental health.

I've come to the decision that a Patreon model does not currently fit what I can do with Sundered Marches, at least not fully. The website is going to become dedicated on a monthly model to expansion of the setting: concepts, battles, places, politics, minor characters. Things that go up here will be like 90% canon to the books. A Kickstarter will be going up soon to finance a more traditional self-publishing route on Kindle as well as stretch goals for more illustrations, audiobook work, and creation of tabletop rules (prospective systems include 5E D&D, Genisys, and PF 2E; Sundered Marches was originally conceived in 1E PF, but it's time to let 3.x go, I think.) Some long-time patrons will be eligible to receive a copy of the pdf at no extra cost, mostly friends and family.

Though my only talent is writing, my dream has always been a multimedia universe; I love the possibility of exploring settings from multiple angles. Because of your support, I've been able to pursue that dream a little bit. Thank you.

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