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Map of the Eastern Marches

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Color habitat and height map.
Map of the Eastern Marches: Lanva March, and part of Glorin and Bambugh Marches

Okay, this is... 7 hours late. It's a map of the Meteora Mountains (the circular range that wraps around the center), the savannah-and-desert interior of the giant crater, and groups in this area. Lanva March occupies the crater (which is about 700 miles across, by the way). The Duvencht Empire is to the east; to north is occupied Glorin March on the coast. Bambugh and Chichamia Marches are to the south. To the west are the less-involved Western Marches.

Due to the heavy amount of rare alchemical substances which inundate the land and the plentiful savannah, Lanva City has never really been behind in wealth or growth since Imperial Colonization began.

I am exhausted, guys, this took a lot of fuss and planning. Sorry there's not more written here. Art and the associated storyette is definitely coming next week. It's been a long-ass day.

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