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The magic-rich prairies and canyons of Lanva are said to be the resting place of a martyred goddess whose name has been forgotten to the world: a prize too valuable for the resource-hungry Duvencht Empire to simply let slip away. THE IRREGULARS! SUNDERED MARCHES is an industrial-era fantasy story following the Lanvan Revolutionary Aerie's Third Irregulars, an unlikely squad of soldiers that didn't belong anywhere else: witches, cowards, crossdressers, and ragamuffins alike.


A year in to the rebellion against the Duvencht Empire, Lanva's allies have been crushed. The dead walk the canyons, and the living are afraid to fight. It's only a matter of time until Duvencht breaks the defensive lines and Lanva is not capable of a victory through conventional, regular military warfare. But the Irregulars? They might just stand a chance.

Written by veteran¹, award-winning² author Cynthia Skye, THE IRREGULARS! SUNDERED MARCHES is a comedic action-drama oriented at a Young Adult audience. This site has a general content warning for strong language, mild sexual themes, and rare but strong graphic violence. Site updates biweekly on Sundays.

¹ you've never read any of her prior stuff I promise
² most improved in 9th grade band